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Local movers near me… Story of one move!

by sergey
Aug 9, 2023
Local Moving Services

This is the story of one family that decided to move from one city to another within the state of Virginia. We changed the names but described the process in the form of issues faced and technologies used. We hope you will be interested in this information and can use it later to quickly resolve the issue with you or your family moving. Of course, if you have such a need to search for local moving companies. This story will help you understand how to move quickly, easily, and without problems.

Local movers from G&J Moving

Step by step, a family of four people addressed our company: a husband Steve and his wife Victoria, and their children – Sandra and Mel. They planned to move from Springfield to Alexandria. Thefamily faced professional circumstances that eventually they had to move to a new place of residence.
After the order was agreed, our employee went to the place where he assessed the peculiarities of moving. The data about those type of things were collected: the quantity of objects, the presence of large, fragile things etc.

The peculiarities of that moving were as follows:

  • the presence of small furniture: stools, benches.
  • the presence of stuff for different purposes: tableware, books, clothes.
  • the presence of carpets.
  • the presence of fragile things.

The process of moving was simplified by the fact that large furniture was not transported.

For such moving, we have a proven algorithm that includes the selection of necessary equipment and accessories:

  • packaging;
  • loading and unloading facilities;
  • type, size and number of transport facilities;
  • systems of protecting things from damage during loading, hauling and transportation.

All this makes it possible to choose the right equipment and accessories.
We will tell you more in detail.

Now let’s go through the features of that trip.

Solved the problem with the packing of stuff

Packing is one of the most important elements of such a process as moving. It performs several functions:

  • convenience;
  • preservation;
  • opportunity to transport things.

Before moving, our specialist identified the type of packaging that was required. Special cardboard packs were taken as the basis. We have our own packing containers of different sizes that allow us to quickly pack any things in the house, except for large elements. During the moving of that family, we used exactly that kind of packaging.
In the photo, you can see the process of packing and how the things are packed during the moving.

local moving companies G&J Moving

Such branded packaging allows you to pack, for example, tableware and protect it from damages:

local movers near me - Virginia

If the weight allows, you can carry the box manually:

Local moving companies near me, Virginia

Different devices are used to speed up the loading process. When things are packed, they can be easily and quickly placed in the moving van.

Local moving services, photo crew G&J Moving

Solved the problem with the workers

Moving is a complex process that becomes even more complicated if there are not enough people to load and unload things. Our company has completed hundreds of moving projects and this allows us to correctly calculate the number of employees needed to quickly perform packing, loading, and unloading.

That time we involved a team of 4 people + a manager:

4 people worked

The deadline depends on the accuracy of choosing the number of employees. In that case, due to the fact that there were enough workers, packing and loading was performed in a few hours. More than that, clients were simplywatching the process, all the complicated work was done by our workers.

They carried out the transportation:


Packed non-standard size things:

Packed non-standard size things

Securely fixed the package:

Securely fixed the package

Loaded things into the moving van:

Loaded things into the moving van

We can say for sure: if you are searching for “local moving companies near me” on the Internet and want to move quickly and without problems – make sure that a company provides a sufficient number of experienced employees. Our G&J Moving company providing local moving services can easily help you with that.

Protected things from chips and impacts

Each moving is a “stress” for things and the owners. This is a usual situation, but not in this case. You won’t find broken dinner services, cups, or other interior items after the work of our employees. High experience, accuracy, correctly completed procedures, and special protection accessories play a big role.

In that particular moving, we used a number of devices to protect things from damage, both during the packaging, transportation and unloading.

For example, we used special soft layers to protect things from impacts:

Special soft layers to protect things from impacts

This is how it is used in practice: sharp corners are covered with this soft material:

Furniture and other objects are protected with a special fabric coating, which makes it possible to avoid chips, scratches or other surface damage.

How not to confuse things

So we came to such an important matter as stuff listing. We’re now talking about a large number of things that need to be moved. How not to get confused about the things put in different boxes?

There we used explanatory designations on the boxes.

For example, a box with children’s things is marked as follows:

Box with children's things is marked as follows

And the box with the things from the living room like this:

Box with the things from the living room like this

Books from the library this way:

Books from the library

Such an approach greatly simplifies the process of unloading and subsequent placement of things in the new house. Everything is clear and convenient.

How to transport the whole freight at one time

Finally, all the things are packed and the process of loading into moving vans begins. Above we have mentioned that we calculate the number of vans for transportation even at the stage of preparation and approval. To help move this family we needed 2 vehicles.
Our company has a required fleet of autos for various cases and freight sizes. Therefore, we easily picked up 2 convenient and modern moving vans and loaded all the things in one hour. Please note that all things were packed and protected from damage. Specially made sides with wooden boards along the whole board, made in the form of frames, protected the freight during transportation. No sharp corners or protrusions. All this protects your things durin moving.


All this protects your things during the moving.

2 such moving vans were used:

2 such moving vans were used

The van’s body closes and here we go, things are ready for the trip!

The van’s body closes and forward, things are ready for the trip!

In the end of this process we provide local movers with all the information on the work done, packaging features, delivery time to the new place.

Paying for the professionally done work:

Paying for the professionally done work

Good mutual feedbacks:

Good mutual feedbacks!

This is how moving looks like: simple and convenient for the client. We want to wish this family success, happiness and prosperity in their new place and thank them for trusting us!
And if you search for “local movers near me” then we want to offer our services. As you can see, this greatly simplifies the process of moving.

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