Are you a senior, who is thinking about moving?

We will assist you every step of the way! 

Moving as a senior can often times be a daunting process, regardless of whether you are still fully mobile or are not quite as able to move around anymore. You are probably concerned about, what you should expect on moving day. Every move needs a trustworthy moving company, with solid expertise, professionalism and courteous personnel, yet even more so, when that move involves senior citizens.

Our moving experts at G&J Moving and Storage have all that and you can rely on us to ensure that your move or the move of your loved one goes smooth and without any aggravation. We have the skill, knowledge and training that you can trust.

What to contemplate when moving as a senior

  • Any move needs to be planned, but when moving as a senior, you want to be extra diligent. The better your move is organized, the less stressful your moving day will be. Are you downsizing or moving to a living facility? Then arranging early, which belongings you plan to take with you and which might have to go into storage or otherwise be taken care of, is not something, you want to leave for the last minute.
  • If you are moving into a living facility, then contacting the management to find out what items can be brought, what the appropriate moving hours are and if they have any tips or special rules for the move, can keep unexpected complications to a minimum.
  • Are you thinking about packing yourself or have your moving company do that for you? Packing a household is very strenuous and time consuming for anybody and can be particularly draining for seniors, which is why we at G&J Moving and Storage offer a complete line of packing services. Our highly trained, courteous and professional packers are ready to assist you.

We will take care of all your senior moving needs. Contact us now at 703-291-0881 to get your move organized.


Free of cost Estimates


Floor, carpet, and wall protection


Removal of packaging supplies


Track able delivery trucks


Breakdown and assembly service of furniture, i.e beds, mirrors, pianos


Handtrucks, dollies, packing blankets, and floor runners


Experienced with fragile materials



G&J Moving and Storage – Respected, Professional, Trusted 

Every move should be well planned, hassle free and smooth. You can count on G&J Moving and Storage to provide just that!We will exceed your expectations. We are here to build a customer for life.

  • Amazing! I found this company online and called because of their good reviews. I am very happy that I did. I spoke to Eric and he was very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions before I asked them and made me feel very relaxed about my upcoming move.... read more

    LadyB Avatar
    1 year ago

    The movers at G & J Moving LLC where amazing. They were kind, friendly, professional, helpful and fantastic. I was incredibly impressed with the caliber of service they provided. I am a very happy & satisfy customer. I will undeniably recommend them to family & friends. THANK YOU FOR... read more

    Francesca Chery Avatar
    Francesca Chery
    2 years ago

    From the first time Eric came to assess our move and he came another time to reassess to the day we put things in storage up in Connecticut he he is fantastic! Ed the driver and the other two movers down in Virginia we're great as well making sure nothing... read more

    Tim McKee Avatar
    Tim McKee
    2 years ago
  • I was extremely happy to be able to contact my consultant at all times. It made the stress of moving more manageable. The whole team was very professional. I was very happy.

    Claudia Bermudez Avatar
    Claudia Bermudez
    2 years ago

    5 star ratingAll I can say is: great customer service and quick movers. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a quick, painless moving experience.

    Izzy O. Avatar
    Izzy O.
    4 years ago

    5 star ratingThis was our second time hiring them for moving. They are reliable and professional. Their pricing was very competitive as well!

    James K. Avatar
    James K.
    4 years ago
  • 5 star ratingThese guys are great. It is important to have trust worthy, stand up and clean cut guys moving your hard earned belongings. I can assure you you wont go wrong with these guys.

    J G. Avatar
    J G.
    4 years ago

    5 star ratingThese guys (Sam and Sanna?) were incredible. They helped a friend of mine move to a new apartment. We even had to go to 3 different locations in Maryland and DC. They were fast and efficient. It helped that everything was boxed up and ready to go, but it was... read more

    Dominic L. Avatar
    Dominic L.
    5 years ago

    5 star ratingWe were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of these movers.  The team of Nick, Hassan and David were first class.  Every detail was explained to us simply and professionally. Work was done quickly and carefully. Our furniture was wrapped, loaded and unloaded in an expert manner, without gouging the walls.... read more

    Vince D. Avatar
    Vince D.
    6 years ago
  • 5 star ratingG&J movers were great to work with - very friendly and professional.  They were careful with my belongings and if they didn't know where something went, they asked every time.  They also finished the move in less time than expected.  I also wanted to thank Jeff, who helped book my... read more

    N B. Avatar
    N B.
    6 years ago

    5 star ratingThis moving company was fantastic. We had several different quotes some from by the hour movers and some from flat rate movers. This company came out gave us an estimate walked us through the process ensured that we were going to understand the entire move and was very informative the... read more

    Lewis D. Avatar
    Lewis D.
    6 years ago

    5 star ratingWe paid $299 for two movers for four hours through our Angie's list membership. We were scheduled for 10 a.m., but the guys and their truck showed up at 10:45 a.m. They gave us a call at 9:55 a.m. to say they would be late. Other than that one hiccup,... read more

    Stephanie S W. Avatar
    Stephanie S W.
    7 years ago
  • 5 star ratingI've never had a better experience with movers, these guys were thorough, extremely prepared and weren't trying to rip us off as many movers try to do. Their price was really affordable for how detailed they were. I will definitely be recommending G&J Moving to anyone I know.

    Carlos R. Avatar
    Carlos R.
    8 years ago

    5 star ratingI've moved many times and these are the best movers yet! They were prompt, professional, handled my furniture with care, and competitively priced. Very easy to communicate with before and during the move. Will definitely recommend them to anybody I know!

    Suzan H. Avatar
    Suzan H.
    9 years ago

    5 star ratingWhen you move, call this company. Period.

    I recieved a quote from this company that was by far lower than anyone else I had talked to. They seemed to understand my needs. They were easy to contact too. They are located in Fairfax and I needed to be moved from one...
    read more

    A H. Avatar
    A H.
    9 years ago
  • 5 star ratingI have used G&J moving on two separate occasions within the past month. Once was to move from an apartment into storage as my lease had ended and the other from storage into my new apartment. I choose to use G&J services the second time because the movers were friendly,... read more

    Christine M. Avatar
    Christine M.
    10 years ago

Senior moving services in Virginia – budget and professional!

Are you senior movers? Oh, removal is actually a difficult problem for you. You are emotional, you ask everybody where is senior move managers near me?
Don’t worry! There is the best company G&J Moving and Storage. We are near you night and day.
Downsizing or moving to a retirement home is a tough event. But our experienced senior moving specialist will be able to help you in this troublesome situation.

1. Packing your things.
All things are packed neatly and in an organized manner. Also we pack, the fragile collectibles among your things. All this stands in need of special packing material, which can be completed by our senior moving experts helping seniors move in a comfortable environment.

2. House move —Waiting for the rental truck, side shifting action of furniture and your things from the apartment and embarkation them into the new house, fast or slow departure to a new place all outdoors can seriously ruffle the nerves of not only senior movers.

3. Another headache is unloading the auto truck in a new place. It is necessary to unload everything, bring into the new your apartment and carefully move apart. Disassemble the packing material from your large furniture, to assemble the dismantled items arrange the furniture in accordance with the desire of the owner and take out packaging material of the apartment. G&J Moving and Storage can make such moving services for seniors.

4. Unfortunately, Seniors are less mobile and, because of their age, move to a new place with more difficulties. Our Staff is specially trained for senior relocation services, is also a great advantage of the company G&J Moving and Storage. 5 The price of the move.  The best services are devalued if we can’t afford to remunerate them. A major advantage of the company is the of senior’s budget moving. Of course, the cost of moving be governed by many factors. Quantity the number of items of transporting, their weight, distance, lead times have a bearing on the amount of money you have to pay the company. Thus, and so, senior citizen using the services of moving companies should think about everything in sufficient time in advance and make a play for transfer to a new place. You should appoint a time and the day of going before. It will be better if you are writing all your accouterments. Do your pieces of furniture need disassembly and assembly? Invite proficient previously. And tell them about your problems. You can also do it in G&J Moving and Storage. Collect and disassemble furniture should be the same specialists. This approach to the problem guarantees that reassemble in reverse order will be done quality and well.

Contemplated move must not become externally induced stress for your health.